Our Solutions

Our eLearning solutions are built using the best open source applications and open technologies. Open source software and open technologies give you the freedom to shape technology to your requirements and way of business. This enables you to differentiate yourself and offer unique services and products to your clients.

Learning Management Systems

Whether you are a corporation, academic institution or registered training organisation (RTO) your LMS should be easy to use and navigate for your learners, educators and administrators. Your LMS should enable you to deliver, manage, assess and track individual and institutional training so your people can continue building their capabilities or learn new skills.

Many LMS applications are designed with a one size fits all mentality but more often than not this turns out to be one size fits none. At Logic Expertise we extend and customise open source LMS applications to suit your business processes in order to optimise your investment in people, their time and your shared values and passions.

Enterprise Integration

Our enterprise integration services help you to seamlessly integrate your learning environment with third party systems for single sign on, automatic user provisioning and enrolment into targeted courses. We also integrate web and eCommerce portals and payment gateways to simplify administration and facilitate monetisation of your learning content.

With our extensive skills spanning both infrastructure and applications development domains across multiple technologies we are able to integrate with any application or system application programming interface (API) protocols and technologies.

Media Delivery

Rich media sources efficiently showcase complex ideas, help develop students' reasoning skills, and present theories and concepts in an engaging way. They can effectively aid knowledge retention, motivate interest, illustrate concepts and hone analytical skills.

Logic Expertise will implement and customise your media capture and delivery platforms, and integrate them with your other eLearning and enterprise systems.

Open the floodgates and watch media usage spread like wildfire across your organisation without ever having to worry about the technology!

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing tools enable you to integrate virtual classroom activities, meetings, webinars, and professional development into your eLearning environment. This allows you to scale your audience size for little incremental cost.

We can assist you in evaluating your web conferencing requirements to determine whether the most effective solution is to install and host your own dedicated instance, host with a third party, or subscribe to a cloud based solution.

We will integrate your web conferencing system with your LMS and other applications, to provide a seamless user experience for your users.