How we are different

At Logic Expertise we compete on quality, not on price and our solution will always be the best regardless of the cost when compared to other providers. You will get a solution that is best suited to your business, be better engineered and offers better usability, stability and performance than any of our competitors. We can make this claim because our consultants have had extensive experience conceiving solutions in organisations just like yours.

We are always client focused and put your interests front and centre in all our activities. Although we have specialist expertise in all popular eLearning and enterprise business applications we are not beholden to any of them as an "authorised partner". Therefore we are not under any pressure to push one product over another. We offer our clients truly independent advice and provide solutions that best meet their needs rather than the needs or interests of any particular vendor.

We provide lifetime warranty on our custom software and integrations. Provided there are no changes to the underlying applications and technologies we will support, free of charge, our customisations and integrations for as long as our clients keep using them. This support includes bug fixes, security updates, performance and other enhancements to keep our solutions operating at peak efficiency.

We offer very flexible charging models to suit each client's particular budget and cash flow situation, including staged payments tied to project implementation progress, regular period payments, full up front payment, payment on completion or delivery, and everything in between. Our focus is always on our client's satisfaction with the delivered solution.